It is known that I love a good list, so I thought that I would make a list of things about me.

1. I love lists
2. I am on the road to becoming a Social Worker
3. My family, and all the friends I consider family, are greatly important to me
4. I love cats
5. I am addicted to Netflix
6. I love coffee
7. I love RHCP
8. Sometimes I catch myself turning into my parents, and I don’t think this is a bad thing
9. I love a good board game night
10. I love old things – traditions, family history, clothes, jewellery, fashion, music, and friends

This blog is something I will work on until it no longer serves its purpose for me. I am using it as an outlet for my thoughts; to express my creativity; to feel more grounded and connected with myself. If I only use it for a month, that is fine. If I use it for a year, that is fine too. This blog is about me but it is also for me. If you are reading this, or any other part of my blog, thanks. It means a lot that other people are interested in the goings on of my brain.

My siblings make me happy.
They make me a better person.
They are some of the best people I know.

Maybe it’s time for a little about me update. Most things on the list I made originally still stand, well actually all those things are still true. I have changed in the past year and a bit but there are still things that remain a part of who I am. Well, I’ll write another list focused on who I am and what I like. Here goes:

1. Green is my favourite colour
2. I really love rock climbing – indoor and out – I am still a beginner but I am excited to keep learning
3. I cannot wait to have a nice little garden of my own
4. I miss my Kitimat family
5. Goats are the most precious things, I love them
6. I want so badly to be healthy and I try to work towards that everyday
7. I like singing, it is a great stress reliever
8. I am an organized person who can be really, really messy at times – I don’t understand it
9. I am an introvert
10. I have a lot of favourite foods, raspberries, beans, potatoes, and zucchini currently top the list
11. I want to make a bucket list but the thought of it stresses me out, I love lists but a bucket list seems very… scary?
12. I do a lot of crafts but I rarely finish any – I am a pro-craft-inator

Have a happy day