Growing Up Is Hard To Do

by ericamclellan

I rely on my parents a lot. Not to do things for me (although they do a lot of that too), but to help me make decisions. It is not that my parents tell me what to do – quite the opposite in fact. They let me talk things out and come to my own conclusions. My mom has told me that her and my dad did not raise me to do what they want, that it is not their life, but raised me to set my own path and make choices that reflect my life.


Today I am not even going to check in with either of my parents. I am just going to take a step forward and then see how things go. I think that they will be a little surprised but I know I can do this and they will support me either way. I know I am already an adult but even adults need their parents advice sometimes and it’s nice to know that they are willing to give it.