by ericamclellan

Whoaaaaa 2 years of blogging! I am actually surprised that this little project has lasted so long… I was thinking that it would be a short-lived thing that I would forget about, potentially forget my password, or later delete it if I remembered about it at all. But, not the case. I am at it in fits and spurts, but it still lives on. cb6f8f0ddc100e93dcdd1b517f18b3e1 My little blog is growing up! So, as it seems to be tradition, I will write some goals about what I want to do in the coming year and reflect on the goals that I have set in previous years of blogdom. First, a little refresher, a trip down memory lane, a look back at goals that past Erica set… let’s see…

Erica – February 2013
1. I am trying to be motivated to accomplish tasks
2. I am working at making friendships
3. I want to fuel my body with healthier things – this includes food, socializing, exercising, school, reading, and music. It all affects me and I want it to be positive, growth inducing content.
4. I am trying out a daily yoga challenge. Not an official challenge, just a challenge to myself. Even 5 minutes a day will count. Even if it is just shavasana — meditation is important.

Erica – February 2014
1. Maintain the progress I have made so far, embrace the new stuff, and continue to say ‘Fuck It.’ I have things I want to do and things I want to try. I won’t let my fear of inadequacy stop me from giving it a go. Confidence is key. And, as Nike says… you just gotta do it.
2. Play more music. Singing, guitar-ing, ukulele-ing, harmonica-ing, and maybe piano-ing. Just be creative in the musical realm.
3. Face some fears. This is similar to the ‘Fuck It’ mentality, but to me it is a different level. I’ll make a post dedicated to this at some point, but for now, it is enough to think about it at a general level.
4. Yoga. 30 days. I’ll leave it at that.

Well, I had a successful year. I would say the best year to date. I am thinking that I worked on all my goals for the most part. I think that I am continually making progress in the confidence and just going for what I want to do and letting go of the fear of inadequacy. This is something that I am always going to be working on, as I think that most people are. I think that there is always room for working on this aspect of myself and I am embracing that. I am on a journey. I definitely played more music, I don’t think I really got a lot better at any of it but I enjoyed every moment of it. I am working on getting better at the technical aspect at a very slow pace and I am good with that. I am just living a music loving and appreciating life and moving forward as I go. I am sure I faced some fears but I did not document such things… I did not even acknowledge what my fears are… well, there is always another day for that. Or not. Who knows. And the 2 year goal of a 30 day yoga challenge… I still did not achieve it. Buuuut I did do a yoga challenge that I won! I challenged my boyfriend to see who could do the most yoga in 30 days, and I did… 19 I think… or something like that. Anyways, I won and my prize was a really wicked burgundy toque (He knows me pretty well)! So I am counting that as the goal achieved. Checking it off the list! Oh ya! So, life is something that I think we all try to get better at as we go, but really, I am not trying to have more, do more, or really have a better life. I have a great life. I have more than I could want and I don’t think that I am going to be able to achieve more or get more or anything like that. I think that that mindset is what leads to mass consumption and a feeling of inadequacy. I have everything I need and more. I am just working at harnessing what I have and improving my wellbeing in all ways. I am trying not to look at life as a race with a prize at the finishline for those who can work hardest, get luckiest, or find opportunities to be better than others or themselves for that matter – I am looking at it more as a moment that I am in and a pathway that leads to more pathways. I am looking for appreciation and the more I look for it, the more I find it. f9a575e5f3e5048d10be705ac85a6b2e Erica – February 2015
1. Keep up with journalling. I journal outside of the blog format in order to calm my mind and reflect on challenges and triumphs.
2. Clean/organize all my crafting stuff… We moved last September and my crafting stuff is a disaster! Gotta get it together, gotta make room for more crafting, gotta inventory my stuff to then make more crafts…
3. Finish the one embroidery project I started, it’s for my grandma.
4. Talk to my brother more. I love him.

I feel that these goals reflect where I am in life. They are focusing more on my mental health and my feeling of comfort and home. I am really looking forward to this next year. I am healthier than I have ever been and have a support system of great people around me. I am happy.