This Too Shall Pass

by ericamclellan

I am having a hard time feeling healthy lately.


It started when I got kidney stones, or what they thought was kidney stones, about 3 weeks ago. This painful situation lead to an even more unfortunate event for my health… a kidney infection… which then lead to sepsis. It was like dominos. I was forced into survival mode to heal (with the help of medical interventions, people caring for me, and a lot of worry) and I think I am still feeling that survival based need. I am eating whatever I can, whenever I can, even when I am not hungry. I think because I was unable to eat for about 5 days and when I could I was told to eat what I could when possible, no matter what it was really (within reason, of course) to fuel my recovery. The second part to my feeling of lack of health is sleep. I have been sleeping whenever I can for as long as I can. Again, that is due to needing to sleep in order to heal but not reigning it in once I recovered. Third, exercise. I have not done that since I got sick.

I am feeling blob-like and in need of a re-evaluation of what getting healthy means. It is no longer survival, it is learning to re-evaluate survival means for my current situation. To maintain my health and my recovery, I need to do a few things. Why not a list…

1. Drink water, a lot
2. Eat when hungry
3. Eat a balance of food that is fuel, not filth
4. Move my body
4. Sleep as needed, not as desired and not as a way to spend time… oops
5. Take time to keep my mind balanced and healthy