Tell Me Baby

by ericamclellan


The concept of Love Languages is something that I find really interesting and relevant to my life. I know that everyone gives and receives love and caring in different ways. I have discovered over time that my primary Love Language is Words of Affirmation. Because this is my best received love, it is the way I best deliver love, or at least find the most natural to do so. However, for some people, the best received love is not the one most naturally delivered.

Being in various relationships in my day-to-day life means that I interact with people I truly love but do not communicate in their best understood Love Language. I felt the need to make my love needs known so that there was better communication and relationship growth with who I am and who I care about most. Being aware of each others language means we can support ourselves and others best. I love this chart because it speaks so true to my love needs. I don’t deal well with criticism and having encouragers and positive verbal reinforcement makes me feel valued.

All this being said, I do not expect everyone I meet to treat me the way I need to be treated. It is not possible for anyone to adapt to everyones Love Language, but for those relationships that affect your spirit and contribute to your future self, it is nice to be aware of what is best understood and how that person loves. I recommend talking to your significant other about it, you may know how they give love but the receiving may be different than you expect. Take some time to explore your love and the love you get from others.