Tears, Shoulders, Paint, & Gratitude

by ericamclellan

Have you ever had someone (or someones) believe in you no matter what? I really hope you have. It is a wonderful feeling and something that I wish for every person to experience at least once – even if only for a little while. I have some great people in my life – family, friends, friends that are pretty much family. I also have a human, who I can call my partner, who is willing to support me through some stuff that I think is not so easy to deal with, but he just says he is here and that I can just know he is supporting me, that he wants to be someone I can look to. I cried. If you know me at all, the fact that I was crying should not be that surprising. But still, my tears often speak when I don’t have the words for it. My mom told me that there is reason that he has broad shoulders, to be there to lean on. I think she is right about that.

My commissioned painting of Phlegm the cat

My commissioned painting of Phlegm the cat

And I have a great friend who is supportive of my art to the point of paying me for a painting. I am quite surprised by this to say the least. It is very flattering to be regarded as an artist worth requesting a painting from, let alone wanting to pay for it.