a little bit of erica by my side

mambo number 5 had it right, we all need a little erica in our lives :)

Month: October, 2014

Gripe, Grumble, Groan

5984c42f451edef6c92dde856cf1158bI think that sometimes complaining gets a bad rap. Talking is therapeutic. My whole degree is about talking and communicating and the healing power of sharing struggles and successes with other people. Complaining is just a specific type of communication that requires a certain type of audience. I think sharing is what makes people, well, people. Finding people to support you, whether they are a willing participant in your life or fill a professional role that you access, can create that safe complaining space you need. The trickiest thing about complaining is recognizing when you have successfully accomplished the action of complaining. There is a fine line between complaining as sharing your negative experiences and becoming the dreaded… complainer. If you have a hard time finding that line, the people you complain to will likely be able to let you know. As a complainer, you may be complained about. Such is the circle of complaints.


Move Over Monday

Today was Monday.


Not only was it Monday, but it was a Monday. One of those days that made you say “Oh my, I have a case of the Monday’s.”

I am not trying to give Monday a bad name here. It does a great job at a lot of things and provides a really solid 24 hour time frame on a regular basis. Monday is a reliable thing. A case of the Monday’s can occur on any day of the week, it is only named after the day that Garfield hates most.

Tomorrow will be Tuesday and with that comes a fresh day to start living beyond the Monday’s.

Take Two

I just wrote a whole post. A really nice and somewhat lengthy post. It even had a list. I am not in the rewriting mood so instead, here is a short post about a forever unread post and picture to make me feel better. Maybe you will feel better when you look at it too.