The F Word

by ericamclellan

Feminism. I think this word is lovely.

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I know I am a feminist, I believe that equality is important for everyone not just based on gender, I think that feminism get a bad rap sometimes but it seems to be getting more support as time goes on. Being a feminist does not mean you are a radical thinker, a person who burns bras, or hates men. Feminism is understanding that basic human rights are important for all humans, demonstrating on a daily basis through your actions and words that equality matters, and loving whoever or whatever you want. Everyone is different and they should be free to be themselves. 5f855ca487e0eba55b137d6b5f10c0e9 fb68f2390ca9275c82bec73f176a4d7a 8918f3918da77a56fa62ee019126dda6