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Month: September, 2014

Crafters Gonna Craft


School is taking over as I knew it would. I am learning a lot. The assignments are relevant and structured to help me learn the material at a deeper level. I don’t think that there should be less work per say, I just think there should be more time to do it maybe…? The reason I say this is that I am bogged down and haven’t been able to be a creative creature in a while. I have some creative work I have to do, but when it is someone else’s project I have to complete by a deadline, it doesn’t mean pure creativity. School is making me crave creativity, require caffeine to function (not just to enjoy and sip at while I live the days that are my life), and school is making me sleepy. I enjoy school. I enjoy creating. I need to find the balance to do both.


The F Word

Feminism. I think this word is lovely.

Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 10.06.54 PM

I know I am a feminist, I believe that equality is important for everyone not just based on gender, I think that feminism get a bad rap sometimes but it seems to be getting more support as time goes on. Being a feminist does not mean you are a radical thinker, a person who burns bras, or hates men. Feminism is understanding that basic human rights are important for all humans, demonstrating on a daily basis through your actions and words that equality matters, and loving whoever or whatever you want. Everyone is different and they should be free to be themselves. 5f855ca487e0eba55b137d6b5f10c0e9 fb68f2390ca9275c82bec73f176a4d7a 8918f3918da77a56fa62ee019126dda6

Life Advice From 1952


I never really understood this quote before. I don’t think I truly grasped how the words could be translated into my own life. I have come to the understanding, thanks to Jay Smooth, that being good is not a binary concept — perfection, however, is. When you hold yourself to a standard of being that allows for no deviation from a strict right/wrong, good/bad framework you don’t leave room for growth. Being a perfectly good person means that you know how to be good in every situation and that you actually do those things. Being good takes practice. As Jay Smooth stated, just because you are a clean person doesn’t mean you never have to shower. Being clean takes work. So does anything you want to get better at. Being good is no exception. So, now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can practice being good.

East of Eden, by the talented John Steinbeck, is my favourite book. Now that I feel I understand this quote in relation to my life I have come to love Steinbeck even more. He takes the words and ideas that weren’t even fully formed in my mind and puts them onto paper, weaving them into complicated stories that continue to teach beyond the last page of the book. I could add in many quotes that speak to me from Steinbeck’s work, but I think it would be best to read them for yourself, find the parts that resonate with you, and think beyond the end of the book about how people are all looking for something similar. A man from the US born in 1902 has taught me many things about life, people, and myself. Meeting Steinbeck was never a possibility but I feel like I have met him many times over.