2985478f1845931c174e061838d54a5dWhat do you see when you read this?

Are you lost? Have you been searching for something and can’t seem to locate it? Or maybe it is something that cannot seem to locate you. Are you the lost one or have you lost something? Either way, it is loss.

Is it last? Are you enduring something that requires you to question your ability or motivation to keep going? Can you make it one day longer? Or are you the one in last place, being put last, putting yourself last, being last but not least, or being the least?

1. Are you making a list?
2. Are you checking it twice?
3. Are your priorities determined or are you figuring them out?

Lust, are you lusting after something? Is the feeling of desire taking over your thought processes? Are you being lusted after? Are you the important and elusive part of someones life or are you trying to be the discoverer of a much sought after thing? Is it a thing? Maybe it’s a person, an object, a state of mind, a place, or a feeling?

Lest. Are you thinking Lest We Forget? Maybe thinking of someone who has left too soon, an assembly from your elementary school, remembrance? Are you preparing for the worst? Could you be expecting a bad outcome? Maybe you are hoping for the best but are not sure that there is reason to believe that will occur.

You can fill in the blank however you want. You can explain the word however you need. You get to fill in the blanks in your own life and make meaning in your own way. Sometimes changing one thing can drastically alter the way your life seems. Change the small things and you can affect the big things.

L fe
L  e