a little bit of erica by my side

mambo number 5 had it right, we all need a little erica in our lives :)

Month: July, 2014

Places To Go, People To See


I am so excited! I just want it to be next week already!! Today we are moving into the house and out of the small place that has been home for the past two years. By the time next week rolls around I hope to be settled in a little bit more. I hope to have my art stuff out of storage, a place for hanging out with friends — a special little sanctuary for myself. I really cannot say that I am the one responsible for the amazing life that I have. My parents are buying this house and picked one that had a little extra space and a little more privacy so that living with their 23 year old daughter would be much more comfortable for all of us. I really cannot thank them enough or express how grateful I am for the consideration they took in buying this place. It will truly be a new adventure and a very lovely place to call home during the last two years of my degree and for the duration of my parents life in Kamloops.


In addition to being in the new place and having some individual space a very lovely human being is going to be visiting next week for a few days. This person lives 4 hours away so when we can see each other it is just a happy thing. I like this guy a lottle – it’s like a little except a lot. 


Hot Just Like An Oven


Marvin Gaye, awesome.
Remixes, awesome.
Check this out, it’s awesome.

First Comes Love…


This weekend I am able to be present for the wedding of two great people. My best friend is getting married and she is the first of any of my really good friends to tie the knot. I love this girl, I love the groom, and I love that together they are starting out their married life this summer. I met this girl when we were in grade 5 but we didn’t become friends until grade 8. So we have been friends for… 10 years?! That seems insane, but I think that is about right. She is a beautiful person and she is a great friend. I am so thankful that I am able to support her on this big day. I cannot wait to run and hug her and have her jump into my arms (based on past reunions this run/jump combo is likely to occur).

I love you AB. I love your love for ML. I love that you will soon be AL.

Because They Catch You


Do you know Lissie? Her voice is enchanting. I know, enchanting sounds kinda hokey and I hesitated describing her voice as such, but really, it is. She is great. You might like her. You might want to listen to her. So, here are some songs that I think are amazing. I love Lissie.

They All Want You 

When I’m Alone 

In Sleep

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing





Anticipation is KILLING me. Well, at least causing stress, good stress – nerves and excitement. The many unknowns!! What do I do? What should I say? How will it go? Will it even be worth all the nerves I am experiencing? The answerless questions. Time will tell.