What’s My Age Again?

by ericamclellan


Hey. Guess what day it is?

When I was in grade 4, I did a presentation on The Birthday Song. So in honour of my birthday and my still-intact memory, here is some information about that iconic song.

The “Happy Birthday” song originated in 1893 when teacher Mildred Hall thought of the tune. Her sister Patty added words and they christened the piece Good Morning to All. It was intended to be sung as children entered the classroom but was switched to be sung to the teacher, and became Good Morning to You. As the song grew in popularity, it was sung outside schools and became Happy Birthday to You

Another fact that I have come to learn from a band called Blink 182,  is that nobody likes you when you are 23. I hope that proves false for this year of my life…. Well, I already know it isn’t true because I like myself. Take that, Blink!