Order From Chaos And Vice Versa

by ericamclellan


I decided to take step towards reconnecting with someone who made a huge impact on my life. I only wanted to say thank you and let him know that the work he does matters and still impacts my life as I live it. We ended up starting up some great dialogue, learning about how we have both changed in the years past and being able to express the importance of continued relationships. This guy, he is the reason that I am on the path that I am. I am working towards becoming a social worker, being trained to change the system we live in, and helping individuals through whatever they are facing. I would like to believe that my life would have brought me to this moment regardless of my experiences with this person, but there is no way of knowing for sure. When your first exposure to social work makes your life change in dramatically positive ways and create a feeling of hope that maybe wasn’t there before… your view of the profession is created in that image, at least mine was. People often say “if I can be half the person they are, that’ll be enough” and while this does ring true for some, what I really want to be is completely and authentically myself. That is what I learned from him – that genuineness and authenticity speak volumes. Having a role model that was unapologetically unique and accepting has stuck with me personally and professionally.

Thank you for helping me see that I have the ability to choose my path and live fully as myself.