Quansem Ilep – To Strive Ahead

by ericamclellan

It was not delivered by Owl Post, but my acceptance letter just arrived. 



And wow, well I’m speechless now. I, I, well – Thank you life, thank you love, and it is true, there is some angels in this city. Thank you so, so much.

– Marion Cotillard, 2007

Marion Cotillard won best actress in 2007 for her role in La Vie En Rose. Her acceptance speech upon receiving her award reflects my feelings right now. I came home yesterday to a letter from my university. I am now officially going to be working towards my Bachelor’s of Social Work this fall. I have been working towards this goal for a number of years so this letter holds more to it than just the ongoing education I will be facing. This further education holds with it a part of my identity. I know that being a social worker is my path. I am excited to further become myself and to explore the areas that I have not yet gotten to know. 


“La Vie En Rose” is about seeing the “world through rose-colored glasses.” It’s about being in love and not always seeing clearly when we are.