Procrastination Leads Not To Productivity

by ericamclellan

I am feeling behind on a fair few things in my life. My to do list is lengthy and I just don’t want to do any of the tasks on it.

Some highlights of my current list are:
– Study for sociology final (which is tomorrow!! It is open book but I think that means I should at least crack the book before I get there…)
– Get the shit I need for the Bachelorette Party (I have time but I don’t know if I need to order anything… shipping could kill me on this)
– Train for the 10km race I signed up for (that is on April 27… I think April 27th… I don’t even know when it is! Yikes!)
– Clean my room (this is multi-step process that includes laundry, putting away clothes, organizing my closet to fit all the things it held at one point)


So even with just highlights I am feeling overwhelmed a bit. Not that this list is super intense or scary, just that I don’t want to do anything on it. At all. I need to find my motivation… or just force myself to fucking do it.