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Month: April, 2014

Little Bit Of Yurt Living


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Click It Or Ticket


Protect your head, you’re no good dead.
Life is tough, get a helmet.
What do you call a climber who doesn’t wear a helmet? …An organ donor.
Safety First, use your head.

Order From Chaos And Vice Versa


I decided to take step towards reconnecting with someone who made a huge impact on my life. I only wanted to say thank you and let him know that the work he does matters and still impacts my life as I live it. We ended up starting up some great dialogue, learning about how we have both changed in the years past and being able to express the importance of continued relationships. This guy, he is the reason that I am on the path that I am. I am working towards becoming a social worker, being trained to change the system we live in, and helping individuals through whatever they are facing. I would like to believe that my life would have brought me to this moment regardless of my experiences with this person, but there is no way of knowing for sure. When your first exposure to social work makes your life change in dramatically positive ways and create a feeling of hope that maybe wasn’t there before… your view of the profession is created in that image, at least mine was. People often say “if I can be half the person they are, that’ll be enough” and while this does ring true for some, what I really want to be is completely and authentically myself. That is what I learned from him – that genuineness and authenticity speak volumes. Having a role model that was unapologetically unique and accepting has stuck with me personally and professionally.

Thank you for helping me see that I have the ability to choose my path and live fully as myself. 

Two Trees And Friendship


Namaste? No, no, Nama-slack.

Beautiful Things Don’t Ask For Attention


This is a great movie. The right amount of humour, story, character, and meaning. I just enjoyed it, you might too. The soundtrack was incredible, so if nothing else, you will come away with a new list of songs to love.

Quansem Ilep – To Strive Ahead

It was not delivered by Owl Post, but my acceptance letter just arrived. 



And wow, well I’m speechless now. I, I, well – Thank you life, thank you love, and it is true, there is some angels in this city. Thank you so, so much.

– Marion Cotillard, 2007

Marion Cotillard won best actress in 2007 for her role in La Vie En Rose. Her acceptance speech upon receiving her award reflects my feelings right now. I came home yesterday to a letter from my university. I am now officially going to be working towards my Bachelor’s of Social Work this fall. I have been working towards this goal for a number of years so this letter holds more to it than just the ongoing education I will be facing. This further education holds with it a part of my identity. I know that being a social worker is my path. I am excited to further become myself and to explore the areas that I have not yet gotten to know. 


“La Vie En Rose” is about seeing the “world through rose-colored glasses.” It’s about being in love and not always seeing clearly when we are. 


Procrastination Leads Not To Productivity

I am feeling behind on a fair few things in my life. My to do list is lengthy and I just don’t want to do any of the tasks on it.

Some highlights of my current list are:
– Study for sociology final (which is tomorrow!! It is open book but I think that means I should at least crack the book before I get there…)
– Get the shit I need for the Bachelorette Party (I have time but I don’t know if I need to order anything… shipping could kill me on this)
– Train for the 10km race I signed up for (that is on April 27… I think April 27th… I don’t even know when it is! Yikes!)
– Clean my room (this is multi-step process that includes laundry, putting away clothes, organizing my closet to fit all the things it held at one point)


So even with just highlights I am feeling overwhelmed a bit. Not that this list is super intense or scary, just that I don’t want to do anything on it. At all. I need to find my motivation… or just force myself to fucking do it. 



2014 is flying by.

It is already the last week of classes. As of Wednesday, I have no more classes left of my diploma, only 2 papers, and 1 exam (open-book, online, multiple-choice — Alright!). Then, summertime is here. Well… kind of. It is technically still spring, but the weather is nice, the days are getting longer, and the grass is getting greener.

In no time I will be a certified Human Service Worker, Diploma in hand.




Being single isn’t so bad. It means there is the possibility to find that person who could be yours. Anyone you meet could be your person. Your person could also just hanging out and living their life knowing that there is the possibility you could be there’s. Being in something not great is worse than being alone. When you are in a relationship you have put a limit on the possibilities. You have said that this person is my person and they are all that I need… but when it isn’t good, that isn’t true. Endless possibilities means opportunities for endless outcomes. Don’t let your love be limited. 



I have been listening to a playlist on Songza on repeat. It is a good motivator, a good thinker, a good relaxer, a good pumper-upper, it is just a gooder. Take a listen, take a walk, and enjoy. 

The Walk Playlist from Songza