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Month: February, 2014

For She’s A Jolly Good Fellow!


My life in blog form is having it’s first birthday!

A lot has changed in a year. When I started this blog I was at a place where I was unsure about so many things in my life. I am still in a place of not knowing but I am much more comfortable in that. I am ok with being along for the ride in this journey called life. Louis CK, who I think is more insightful every time I hear him talk (I know he is a comedian, but man, he has some great secrets to life) has a really awesome perspective on this:


When I started this blog I had set some goals. These goals were always in the back of my mind but not something I actively worked towards (which explains why I did not actually achieve all of them…). I kept these as sort of a guide in my day to day interactions with myself and with other people. I want to bring these forward again and look at where I am at with them, and then set some new goals.

Erica – February 2013

1. I am trying to be motivated to accomplish tasks

2. I am working at making friendships

3. I want to fuel my body with healthier things – this includes food, socializing, exercising, school, reading, and music. It all affects me and I want it to be positive, growth inducing content.

4. I am trying out a daily yoga challenge. Not an official challenge, just a challenge to myself. Even 5 minutes a day will count. Even if it is just shavasana — meditation is important.

So, number 1 and 2, those went pretty well. Is there room for improvement? You bet. But I am happy with where I am at with those points. Number 3, I have been working on quite steadily. I am now vegetarian (which if you asked me if I would have made that change last year I would have said, no no no, no way. But things change, and here I am). I am still working on the balance aspect of life, which I know will be an ongoing process. Number 4, well I did not do that… at all really. Well, that is not true, I did start doing yoga again and I tried to do a 30 day challenge (especially once I realized this blog birthday was coming up… I felt the need to cram it in last minute so I could achieve all my goals). I think that is one of the reasons why it did not get completed. I stopped doing it for myself and started doing it for the outcome and the blog goal fulfillment. I am going to keep trying to introduce it into my life. I want it to stick because it works, not because I am focused on meeting a goal.

So, new goals… here we go!

Erica – February 2014
1. Maintain the progress I have made so far, embrace the new stuff, and continue to say ‘Fuck It.’ I have things I want to do and things I want to try. I won’t let my fear of inadequacy stop me from giving it a go. Confidence is key. And, as Nike says… you just gotta do it.
2. Play more music. Singing, guitar-ing, ukulele-ing, harmonica-ing, and maybe piano-ing. Just be creative in the musical realm.
3. Face some fears. This is similar to the ‘Fuck It’ mentality, but to me it is a different level. I’ll make a post dedicated to this at some point, but for now, it is enough to think about it at a general level.
4. Yoga. 30 days. I’ll leave it at that.

So here is to another go at this whole blog thing! And a little birthday celebration, courtesy of The Beatles.



Read It, Write It, Say It Out Loud


It is that time of year again. I am just fortunate enough for it to only happen once a semester, if that.


My first midterm is tomorrow, then I have a week long reading break followed by two more. I am only really concerned about one of them. Fingers crossed that my procrastination will take a back seat for just a little while.

While on the topic of school… I do not feel that exams are really a good test of my knowledge. I would love school about a thousand times more if I didn’t have homework or tests and just got to absorb the information presented and simply learn. I love school. I love learning. I don’t like assignments and tests so much. I suppose this is the school life I signed up for.

Time to get my study on. 

Forget Kung Fu, I Want Tofu







Canadian tofu.

Sunrise Soya.

It is soy good (see what I did there..? Soy… So…).

Have you tried the dessert stuff they have?

That custard… oh my my, delicious. 



When the alarm goes off, the coffee goes on.
Time to greet the day with a little bit of caffeine.

Nest Sweet Nest


I just want to make a nest.
A giant nest of every blanket that I have, every pillow, every cozy thing that exists in my house.
I want to read a well-worn paperback book in the nest and drink tea, probably camomile, from a mug that will not spill when I drink from it when I am lying down.
I want my cat to cozy into the nest with me, and just snuggle, but not get in the way of page turning.
I want to turn off my phone and exist completely within the nest for a day, or even just an afternoon.
It might even be nice to wake up early, really really early, read in the nest until I fall asleep again and enjoy the nest nap. 
The idea of my own personal, cozy, nest makes me feel settled.

Hey Oh


Snow. It makes everything feel fresher, cozier, and more like home. I can usually tell when it is snowing, really snowing I mean, when the world just feels quieter. Snow brings a certain peace that settles all around. 

Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder where it’s so white as snow,
Finally divided by a world so undecided and there’s nowhere to go;
In between the cover of another perfect wonder and it’s so white as snow,
Running through the field where all my tracks will be concealed and there’s nowhere to go.