It Means No Worries

by ericamclellan


My newly implemented ‘fuck it’ mentality has been really happening lately. I have, for a while, wanted to just say ‘fuck it’ and mean it, but I just had a hard time fully believing it. I first found this website last year… I think it was last year anyways…. and I printed it out and put it on the wall. This was my learning stage. I was learning that it was ok to not care even though I wasn’t ok with it yet. I am maturing and growing and learning that not caring about the thoughts of others means I can care about what I think of myself more (but of course caring about feelings… I just mean not hurting anyone in the process of finding my own happiness). I am the only person I will spend my whole life with so I would like to be happy with myself. And saying ‘fuck it’ has helped me separate what I want to do and what I think people expect me to do. Having a stable and supportive friend and family group has been necessary in my journey of being happy with myself. I hope to one day not even have to say ‘fuck it’ and just live in a way that is true to myself and be happy knowing I am following my own path. 


So, fuck it. I’m just going to live life.