Bring It, 2014

by ericamclellan


This is a disco pineapple. Look at it. That is just special.

2014 started out with a migraine. However, in the last few days I am happy to say that the start of the year has changed from that ominous start to a fun-filled, adventure-y, crazy-exciting thing. I am excited to what is going to come of this year, of this week really, or even of this day. Things are just going well. So well, in fact, that I thought I would write a nice little list of things that are great in my life…

1. Hanging out with my fam damily
2. Friends that I love like family, and I have come to realize I have a lot of those
3. Climbing at Cliffside with those mentioned in #1 and #2
4. Trying new things… hot yoga, knitting, playing ukulele, struggling through learning more guitar
5. Being adventurous and being ok with failure… in fact, kind of looking forward to failure, why not learn something and have a great story to tell about your journey through life?
6. Appreciating sleep
7. Having the opportunity to be involved in things that I am passionate about… school, volunteering, work
8. My cat, Rueban. I have to remind myself continuously that I love her and that she is a great creature because when she wakes me up at 8am after I have been up til 2am and planned on sleeping in, makes me forget for a second.
9. Coffee. That is just a great thing.