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mambo number 5 had it right, we all need a little erica in our lives :)

Month: January, 2014

It Means No Worries


My newly implemented ‘fuck it’ mentality has been really happening lately. I have, for a while, wanted to just say ‘fuck it’ and mean it, but I just had a hard time fully believing it. I first found this website last year… I think it was last year anyways…. and I printed it out and put it on the wall. This was my learning stage. I was learning that it was ok to not care even though I wasn’t ok with it yet. I am maturing and growing and learning that not caring about the thoughts of others means I can care about what I think of myself more (but of course caring about feelings… I just mean not hurting anyone in the process of finding my own happiness). I am the only person I will spend my whole life with so I would like to be happy with myself. And saying ‘fuck it’ has helped me separate what I want to do and what I think people expect me to do. Having a stable and supportive friend and family group has been necessary in my journey of being happy with myself. I hope to one day not even have to say ‘fuck it’ and just live in a way that is true to myself and be happy knowing I am following my own path. 


So, fuck it. I’m just going to live life. 


Dust If You Must


This has become a very good catch phrase as of late. I am busy like crazy (in all good ways!) and sometimes I need to remind myself that I will remember great moments and new experiences more than the acts that are deemed necessary in the day to day. So, when I can, I will dust. But for now, I will experience life and create some memories.

Jack, I Swear…

“How different readers take the story is a reflection of their own personal values, attitudes, hang-ups… It is my feeling that a story is not finished until it is read, and that the reader finishes it through his or her life experience, prejudices, world view and thoughts.”

– Annie Proulx


Until The Consonants Get Stuck


Winter, Snow, Go

First time up a mountain in probably 5 years?
Sure, why not?

Night skiing?
Ya, sounds fun.

Not really skiing, how about boarding?
Ya, let’s do it. 


Human Beauty

“The human body is the best work of art.”

― Jess C. Scott


Bring It, 2014


This is a disco pineapple. Look at it. That is just special.

2014 started out with a migraine. However, in the last few days I am happy to say that the start of the year has changed from that ominous start to a fun-filled, adventure-y, crazy-exciting thing. I am excited to what is going to come of this year, of this week really, or even of this day. Things are just going well. So well, in fact, that I thought I would write a nice little list of things that are great in my life…

1. Hanging out with my fam damily
2. Friends that I love like family, and I have come to realize I have a lot of those
3. Climbing at Cliffside with those mentioned in #1 and #2
4. Trying new things… hot yoga, knitting, playing ukulele, struggling through learning more guitar
5. Being adventurous and being ok with failure… in fact, kind of looking forward to failure, why not learn something and have a great story to tell about your journey through life?
6. Appreciating sleep
7. Having the opportunity to be involved in things that I am passionate about… school, volunteering, work
8. My cat, Rueban. I have to remind myself continuously that I love her and that she is a great creature because when she wakes me up at 8am after I have been up til 2am and planned on sleeping in, makes me forget for a second.
9. Coffee. That is just a great thing.