Said The Night Wind To The Little Lamb

by ericamclellan


I am not religious, but Christmas is a very important time of year to me. For me, it is a celebration of love, family, friends, friends who pretty much are family, and generosity. It is a time to come together over food, board games, movies, music, and conversations. There is something that brings people together when the weather gets cold. People want to be close to each other and nurture those relationships that are important to them. I have so much to be thankful for this season. I like to use this time to reconnect with people who, like me, are so busy during the school year and in various locations in the world. 

Spread some love, spread some cheer, and season the heck out of those greetings. For whatever you celebrate, or don’t celebrate at all, I hope you have a good one. Happy day to you!