But You Learn, Oh You Learn

by ericamclellan

I will be the first to admit that I was an asshole tonight. I don’t even have an excuse and I am not going to try to come up with one. The words I said do not reflect who I am, what I stand for, or the love and respect I have for the person. I am embarrassed.

I have learned from this experience. I have learned that great friends forgive you when you are an asshole. I have learned that owning your actions and words is important. I learned that one instance does not create who you are. I also learned that how you deal with something makes a difference. 

I don’t think I am an asshole, I just had an asshole moment. And from that moment I have gained new understanding. So thank you friend for calling me on my inappropriateness and making me look at my actions. I needed it.