a little bit of erica by my side

mambo number 5 had it right, we all need a little erica in our lives :)

Month: November, 2013

Start At Step One


This fits with all areas of life. The parts of my life that involve relationships, self-care, fitness, the environment — the list is endless. Accepting where you are does not mean standing still. It means being comfortable with the progress you have already made. It means recognizing where else you have to go. Small actions can make a big difference. 


My Mother Loves


Lately I feel that I have not been appreciating my mom as much as I could be. She does so much for me and does it all without thinking about getting something in return. She is selfless and generous. She is supportive and loving. She has taught me so much about what it means to be a good person. When I am upset she is the person I take it out on (…and my dad too) because I know that the love is stronger than the annoyance I become in that moment. I love my mom and Mother’s Day is too far away  to wait to tell her how awesome she is. So, Happy Day, Mom. I hope everyday feels like Mother’s Day for you and that you truly know how appreciated and loved you are. Thank you. 

My mother loves. My mother cares. My mother is appreciated.

Be Who You Are



People notice little things. In being yourself you provide the opportunity to be the person that someone needs. If you try to be someone you are not you are preventing an opportunity for a cool experience. The small things that you can do can make a big difference for you and for those you meet. Do those small things that are part of who you are with love. 

Happy Monday!

Passion Creates Progress



Sometimes it feels like there is not enough that I can do to make a difference. But that just makes me want to work a little harder. It can be discouraging, but it is frightening. And in the fear, I find energy to keep moving forward. Passion creates progress. 

Inspiration Activation

I have been decently productive in my homework endeavours as of late. Which is a good thing considering the semester is coming to a close and I have a few assignments to finish up with deadlines that are looming. During my productive phases, I have found motivation in this playlist from 8tracks.com:





My favourite song from this playlist is Stolen Dance (DIMMI Club Edit) by Milky Chance. Take a listen and let the inspiration flow.

Common Voices

It is interesting to have a conversation with someone who you don’t know very well and discovering that you have very similar viewpoints on things it turns out you are both very passionate about. Neat. Sometimes people surprise you. Image

And I Say, Hey!

Let’s just breathe a sigh of relief and be happy that we are able to open our eyes and greet a new day.


I have 4 weeks of school left, no exams (haha, suckas!) and am enjoying my days trying to juggle all the wonderful things that make me so busy/stressed/fulfilled/happy. I can’t wait to keep living and see what all the tomorrows have in store for me.