‘Our World Is Indeed What We Make Of It’

by ericamclellan

I believe I have always been in on the environmental movement. But now, instead of just walking beside it and nodding my head, I have jumped aboard the train. I feel like this analogy works for where I am at. I am moving a lot faster and trying to get to the destination of an environmental/societal equilibrium sooner rather than later. I think that I will eventually be a passenger on a high speed airplane… and then maybe a pilot on that plane. (All of these vessels will be eco friendly, non-fossil fuel burning machines of course ;) ) I am a co-president of my campuses eco club and I am really finding my groove and discovering how deep my passion for helping the environment and society runs. I think this is really a fundamental part of who I am. I am really enjoying discovering more about this part of myself and how it impacts my thoughts and actions. 


There is a Facebook group called ‘The Sustainable Man’ which has some pretty cool insight into the whole sustainable journey. He writes that ‘to “sustain” something, we must prolong it indefinitely’ and that ‘we must understand our responsibilities, but also our limitations. We are, after all, each just one person. But we are one person in a connected larger whole that creates the world in all of its beauty and ugliness. Sustainability is not about getting everyone to do this or that. It is about each of us making conscious choices each and every time we have the opportunity.’

How about a shout out to the Sustainable Man!