Today Is A Good Day To Be Yourself

by ericamclellan

My hands hurt. My level of accomplishment is stagnant. Climbing at the gym has become tough. I have hit a rut. 


However, I am in a really good mood. I have woken up in a great mood this past weekend and I am fully enjoying living my life. Having a good outlook can make even the shitty parts of a day seem more than manageable. 

With my good mood has come some good planning. I have organized myself in regards to school, fitness, eating, and in my new role as Eco Club Co-President. (I am so so pumped about having the opportunity to be a part of the Eco Club executive! I will be writing a whole post on it later…stay tuned) I am feeling good. It is so great to feel great. And I am trying to keep it going.

High Five!