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Month: September, 2013

Today Is A Good Day To Be Yourself

My hands hurt. My level of accomplishment is stagnant. Climbing at the gym has become tough. I have hit a rut. 


However, I am in a really good mood. I have woken up in a great mood this past weekend and I am fully enjoying living my life. Having a good outlook can make even the shitty parts of a day seem more than manageable. 

With my good mood has come some good planning. I have organized myself in regards to school, fitness, eating, and in my new role as Eco Club Co-President. (I am so so pumped about having the opportunity to be a part of the Eco Club executive! I will be writing a whole post on it later…stay tuned) I am feeling good. It is so great to feel great. And I am trying to keep it going.

High Five!


It’s Such A Sweet Sensation


Sometimes life can throw some seemingly dumb things your way. I have learned through my  experiences that it is not helpful to bottle up the frustration you feel. Nor is it useful to dwell on such frustration. I accept the emotions. I feel them for what they are. I let the feelings of disappointment, sadness, anger, whatever… just be. I let them be, and I let them pass. And when it passes, I feel a sense of calm. And with the calmness comes acceptance.

My outlook on life is positive. I am feeling good. I am good.

Be Safe


Taking risks is a part of life. But taking risks come with, well, risk. I just want to say to all the people who are partaking in risky activities – please be safe. You can take risks while being aware of your safety and your health. Give yourself the chance to live a long life. Give yourself the chance to tell the stories that your risky behaviour resulted in.

I Got My Ticket For The Long Way Round


noun \ˈbəs-kər\

chiefly British

:a person who entertains in a public space, typically for money


This weekend I have plans to go busking in downtown Kamloops. I have never done anything like this before, but I am looking forward to putting myself out there and seeing what happens… and maybe even make a little bit of money. It does help that I will be going with two of my good friends. It will make the experience that much greater as we will be building memories as we experience new things.

I will be singing… this is something I am still getting used to. I never really thought I was much of a singer, I just knew that I liked to do it to relieve stress when I was home alone or when I was driving. The steering wheel seems like the best audience to me most days. But, I was jamming with a friend on the weekend (again, another rarity) and we recorded our version on the cup song that I first saw by Anna Burden on Youtube, and then was made famous in the movie Pitch Perfect. And it was AWESOME! I don’t mean the performance, although, I was pretty pumped about it, but the whole experience. We posted it on Facebook and I felt like a little internet celebrity among my friends. Many people said that they did not know I could sing like that… Honestly, I didn’t know I could either.

I am excited. I am trying new things. I am stepping out of my comfort zone. I am falling in love with my life and that is such a wonderful feeling.

If you are interested in hearing our version, check it out!

When I’m Gone (The Cup Song)

Speak Kindly

Do you ever get the feeling that you are not doing things the way other people want? I hate disappointing people. On that same note, I have no problem disappointing myself. Funny how I can make allowances for other people but never for myself. I have to remind myself that I need to cut myself some slack. My counsellor once told me I need to speak to myself the same way I would speak to my best friend. I suppose she was right. I am the only person who I will spend my entire life with. I guess that means I should accept myself, speak kindly, and forgive. It sounds kind of sad to ‘be your own best friend,’ but in order to love and accept others, you have to love and accept yourself first. 

Make Yourself Happy First


This is not my nose, but I like it

I have gotten my septum pierced. I did it about a week ago without informing my parents. And really, I had no need to tell them, especially considering they would not be ok with it. I am 22. I needed no parental consent. I needed no approval or permission. I finally told my mom last night. She was not too impressed. She wasn’t mad, but I could tell she didn’t like it. Which is fine. I told her, like I will tell other people who tell me it is dumb, ugly, or weird — I didn’t do it to make other people mad or upset, I did it to make myself happy.

And I am happy with it. I like it.
Sometimes you have to say ‘fuck it’ and do what you want.

Take Me To The Carnival!