Goodbye Charles Street

by ericamclellan

I don’t want to pack. I always hate packing. But packing my house up is just too much. I want my house to still be my house when I am 80 years old. But, as we have already sold the house and it no longer belongs to us as of September 1, I will spend my Saturday putting my memories into boxes. 

My eyes seem to be leaking. How strange for a house and a town to cause this bodily reaction. Until my next house becomes a home and the next town becomes my community, my eyes will probably keep leaking from time to time. 

Goodbye friends and family, I’ll see you again I’m sure. And until then, I will have an extra spot in my heart for you (more than the usual room you reserve of course). I love you. I miss you. 

Goodbye home. Hello adventure.