When The Cat Is Away, The Mice Will Play

by ericamclellan


Living on your own is great… most of the time.

But spending over 2 weeks living with my brother while my parents were out of town… was a long time. I am not sure if it because I have 2 jobs, am doing an online course for my degree, attempting to challenge a course that is offered in the Fall, and had 2 friends visit from out of province for 10 days that made this time seem so crazy. Perhaps if I had been a little less busy while my parents were away I might have been able to play and relax and enjoy a little bit of freedom. But instead I just worked, worked, studied, and took part in friend activities (which was fun, relaxing, and just all around lovely… while simultaneously being busy).

But, my parents come home tomorrow, my course is done on Friday, and I have a week off of one job to go camping with my other job for 3 days next week (which means that weekend will be a 4 day weekend for me!) So there is light at the end of the busy-ness tunnel. And, frankly, there was light in the busy-ness tunnel too. When my friends were here I was able to get some time off so I could be there for the wedding dress shopping, the BBQ’s, and all the hilarious and fun moments in between. I love my friends and I was so happy they were able to visit. We have planned a little party in May that we will reunite for so the countdown (and the money saving) has begun! I have been able to chill with Russell, which is great because I love my brother. I have even been able to keep the house clean… well cleanish anyways… 

I have been doing a whole lot. But it has been good. I have been having such a blast with everything in my life these days. There are people who I wish I could see more of, but when I do see them I enjoy every minute. I love my jobs, my friends, my family, and myself. I am happy. Tired… but happy.