Peace – Love – Life

by ericamclellan


Have we looped back to the age of the hippie? 

Here are reasons why I believe we are becoming 21st century hippies:

1. These days, we are into peace – people are vocal about injustices being faced around the globe
2. We love ‘love’ – we are facing debates like same-sex marriage and looking to accept and love the diversity that is around us
3. Eating organically – organic food and animal rights are a popular trend right now, we are getting back to the whole equality and love aspect but in this case in regards to our health, our bodies, and the earth
4. Music festivals – these are huge events that draw people from all over. You can see live music in all different genres while camping and hanging out, kinda Woodstock-esque in my opinion
5. Legalizing marijuana – hippies were known by many for their drug use, we are in an age that is looking to make some drug use legal
6. Clothes – have you seen some of the clothing choices ‘hipsters’ are making? Hippie-esque 
7. Yoga – it is immensely popular, good for you, and typically an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Yoga is a journey

These are the just the things I could think up off the top of my head. I am sure there are many reason that show that we are (and simultaneously, are not) 21st century hippies.