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Month: June, 2013

And It’s Up She Goes, Up She Goes

Sometimes I get more emotional about things that are happening to others.


I don’t mean that I am less emotional about my own life. Oh, no no. I mean that when something happens to someone else and they feel like a 5 on an emotional scale that goes to 10, I will feel like an 8. I feel like an 8 for someone else’s troubles/happiness/moments. Sometimes this is an ok thing. Sometimes it is frustrating.



Cheers To The Tap!




In your reusable water bottle of course ;)

Sleepy Time She Comes



And in case you did not know the movie the title of this post is referencing… click here :)

Peace – Love – Life


Have we looped back to the age of the hippie? 

Here are reasons why I believe we are becoming 21st century hippies:

1. These days, we are into peace – people are vocal about injustices being faced around the globe
2. We love ‘love’ – we are facing debates like same-sex marriage and looking to accept and love the diversity that is around us
3. Eating organically – organic food and animal rights are a popular trend right now, we are getting back to the whole equality and love aspect but in this case in regards to our health, our bodies, and the earth
4. Music festivals – these are huge events that draw people from all over. You can see live music in all different genres while camping and hanging out, kinda Woodstock-esque in my opinion
5. Legalizing marijuana – hippies were known by many for their drug use, we are in an age that is looking to make some drug use legal
6. Clothes – have you seen some of the clothing choices ‘hipsters’ are making? Hippie-esque 
7. Yoga – it is immensely popular, good for you, and typically an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Yoga is a journey

These are the just the things I could think up off the top of my head. I am sure there are many reason that show that we are (and simultaneously, are not) 21st century hippies.


The Nut Doesn’t Fall Too Far From The Tree

Ladies and gentlemen, my mom!


She is half of the reason I am so weird and the entire reason I am laughing like a fool in this photo. This photo makes my heart happy. I think I look a little bit goofy in it, but I love the absolute joy that I feel when I see it.

After seeing this photo someone pointed out that our major family trait is closing our eyes when we laugh really hard. I really like that someone who I haven’t seen in years commented that our noticeable family trait involves laughing. What is life without a good laugh?!

Here is a passage from a most wonderful blog called 1000 Awesome Things:

#172 Laugh Lines
Now there’s something especially sweet about laugh line wrinkles. You know, I’m talking about the ones creased into your dimples when you smile, the crow’s feet in the corners of your eyes when you laugh, and all the little lines that pop out of your chucking face whenever you hear a good joke.
Laugh lines are a sign that you lived and lived well.