“It Does Not Do To Dwell On Dreams And Forget To Live”

by ericamclellan

I feel like I don’t have enough time. 


Which, really, is a silly thing to say. I have exactly as much time as I need. I have the time that is required to make up a second, a minute, and an hour. With these things I have the ability to create a day, a week, a month… I have the ability to create a life.

How long will my life be? I don’t know. And I wouldn’t want to know even if I could. I think that not knowing how much time you have left gives life a purpose. If I knew that I would die tomorrow I would live differently. I would be frantic. I would be trying to fit in everything that I would feel was important. And in trying to fit in everything, I would miss out on the whole purpose of life – which is to live it.

I think the most important parts of life are the in betweens – the pieces that make up the transitions, the parts that link us to our next adventure. Appreciating the time I have and being mindful of what I do with my time will help me feel grounded. It will help me feel that I have all the time I need.