There’s A Little Place

by ericamclellan


Being home with my family (or most of it anyways) is a feeling that I don’t think I can describe. The smell of my house, the comfort of my bed, the movement and the noise of the people I love… There are so many things that I love about my home. Soon my home will be somewhere else, but all these wonderful things will move with it.

I was originally really sad when my parents said they would sell the house and move somewhere else. I knew that this moment would come eventually. There was no way my parents would continue to live in this town once my siblings and I had all moved away for various schools and jobs. Not only that, but the Winters are something else and it takes a days drive to be a days drive from anywhere. I knew that I would not be living in this house for my whole life. But up until it is sold, this has been my house for my whole life. My parents bought it when my mom was pregnant with me. This house is the only home I have ever truly known.

My mom tells me that it isn’t the structure that makes a home, but the people and the things inside it. She is right, I know that, but when the physical structure is no longer ours, I think that I will have a very intense emotional reaction. I am trying to prepare myself for it.

With all of this being said, I am so excited for the next chapter of my life, which includes having my parents move to Kamloops. I will see them more, I will live with them again, and I will be stationary for Summers and school years. I am looking forward to being in one place with all my friends throughout the entire year. It is with a bitter-sweetness that I look at this move. Depending on the day, it can be more sweet than bitter or more bitter than sweet.

There’s a little place
Beat up near a moss grave
We can see you there
In that Northern air

– Northern Air – Elliot Brood