Spring Has Sprung

by ericamclellan


Look at that flower! That is my garden! My very own garden with my very first flower!

My dad is a big gardener. We always used to help him out when we were kids. I use the term ‘help’ loosely. Mainly we watered plants, picked up worms, and ran screaming from spiders. This is still my definition of gardening to some extent. I still hate spiders, am fascinated by worms, and feel that watering is my biggest skill set. However, my green thumb is developing as is evident in the blooms that are coming up in my garden. Manuel (my sort of, pretty much, awesome Portuguese grandpa) told me last year that I was “Farmer Erica” because I showed him the areas of my dads garden that I was helping with. With my dad’s help I successfully grew some zucchini, which could then be made into one of my favourite things — zucchini loaf. Delicious.

I am excited for my parents to move here so my dad can mentor me in the gardening department — and, honestly, many other areas as well. I want to be able to grow some veggies and fruit in addition to flowers. I especially want to grow some lettuce. And peas. And raspberries. And potatoes. And onions. And pumpkins. And carrots. And… I could go on like this for a while…