I’d Love You To Love Me

by ericamclellan

Do you ever do stupid things in front of people that you don’t want to do stupid things in front of?

Sometimes I do stupid things on purpose (I am a werido and I am ok with that), but sometimes unintentional stupidity pops up. I hate being that weird person when I am not trying to be weird. I want people to think of me as someone who can be a little crazy, but also a little serious. I want people to know that there are more sides to me than the crazy/weird/stupid side (although I try to embrace those parts of me too).

I guess I want acceptance to be who I am. I guess I want people to like me.


This post also made me think of the movie Crazy Stupid LoveĀ for some reason (perhaps it is because I feel crazy and stupid at times…?). It is a fantastic movie. I have a lady crush on Emma Stone, and a huge love of Ryan Gosling and his beautiful face/body/existence.



I mean, seriously, Ryan Gosling.

And, of course, Emma Stone…