a little bit of erica by my side

mambo number 5 had it right, we all need a little erica in our lives :)

Month: March, 2013

Easter Breakers

I love my brother. This has been such a great weekend. I can’t wait for the summer when we can hangout more. Just a few more weeks, but until then, Easter break… Easter break… Easter break forever….


I Don’t Care, I Love it




Happy To Be Here


I am so happy to have found an eco club in Kamloops.

My dad told me that when people join groups, they join for the cause and stay for the people.

Eco club makes my heart happy.


A Very Rueban Roadtrip


My cat is coming for a visit. So weird, but so wonderful. My parents don’t want to leave her alone because she becomes a basket case. Hurray for cat visits! (And for family visits too…)

Is It Too Soon To Celebrate?

The end is near! And by the end, I mean the end of the semester! I have just completed my last paper, and with only one quiz left, I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief. Now, if only I didn’t have to complete two courses over the summer… But what can you do when you live in a shoe?


What can you do when you live in a shoe, and all your friends are toes?
Call the Doctor, that’s what you do, for the athlete’s foot on your nose!


P.S. I think I want to try out some five finger shoes. The idea of barefoot running intrigues me…

P.P.S. I kicked butt in bowling tonight! Which is unusual for me as I am typically being kicked, rather than doing the kicking.

Awesome Possum


Getting told you are awesome is just, well, awesome. I have received a bit of positive feedback in regards to my education and work experience that I am involved in right now. It feels great to know that the effort I am making is being noticed. Today is a happy Friday! :)

I’d Love You To Love Me

Do you ever do stupid things in front of people that you don’t want to do stupid things in front of?

Sometimes I do stupid things on purpose (I am a werido and I am ok with that), but sometimes unintentional stupidity pops up. I hate being that weird person when I am not trying to be weird. I want people to think of me as someone who can be a little crazy, but also a little serious. I want people to know that there are more sides to me than the crazy/weird/stupid side (although I try to embrace those parts of me too).

I guess I want acceptance to be who I am. I guess I want people to like me.


This post also made me think of the movie Crazy Stupid Love for some reason (perhaps it is because I feel crazy and stupid at times…?). It is a fantastic movie. I have a lady crush on Emma Stone, and a huge love of Ryan Gosling and his beautiful face/body/existence.



I mean, seriously, Ryan Gosling.

And, of course, Emma Stone…


See the Owl, Be the Owl

I need to channel my inner owl and get some homework done. I think I need to go somewhere like Starbucks so that I will actually study. Being at home makes it too easy to procrastinate.


Owls make me think of studying because of Owl from Winnie the Pooh. He was a book worm, he was wise and knowledgeable. I need to be an owl today!


(He even has a little To-Do list! Oh, Owl!)

Time Won’t Let Me Go



The Bravery – Time Won’t Let Me Go

Spoken Word/Spoken Truth

I was just at an Aboriginal Youth Workers Forum. Not being of Aboriginal heritage it was such a great learning experience. In addition to the learning about such a distinct culture, I was reintroduced to poetry. I forgot how much I appreciate poetry and the poets who are able to put universal feelings into words.

The poet Zaccheus Jackson was a guest at the forum and his poetry is so moving, especially when you can see it preformed live. Youtube doesn’t do him justice.

Zac Jackson reminded me of another spoken word poet that I love, Sarah Kay. You may have seen her on a TED Talk with her poem titled, “If I Should Have A Daughter.”