Here we go!

by ericamclellan


My cat Rueban — She makes me happier.


I am working on keeping my motivation up. I am working on getting things done. Is adding another task, in the form of this blog, a good idea? Who knows? What I do know is that I am just trying to keep track of some things. For a little while, or a long while, I don’t really know. I guess I’ll start with some quick goals to measure where I start and so I can see how things change over time.

Erica – February 2013

1. I am trying to be motivated to accomplish tasks

2. I am working at making friendships

3. I want to fuel my body with healthier things – this includes food, socializing, exercising, school, reading, and music. It all affects me and I want it to be positive, growth inducing content.

4. I am trying out a daily yoga challenge. Not an official challenge, just a challenge to myself. Even 5 minutes a day will count. Even if it is just shavasana — meditation is important.